Art Crawl Confidential: September 2017

September 06, 2017

Art critic Laura Hutson shows Elise Drake's knitted sculpture some love. 

First Saturday Art Crawl: 9 exhibitions you can't miss in September

August 29, 2017

The Tennessean's Melinda Baker says Elise Drake's Guilty Pleasures can't be missed this September. 

Is the Push for Women in STEM Hurting Female Artists?

April 14, 2017

Sara talks to Olivia Deng at The Atlantic about the substantial gender gap in the arts, and President Trump’s proposed budget cuts' potential to exacerbate the problem.

Crawl Space: November’s First Saturday May Deliver Some of the Year’s Best Work

November 03, 2016

Joe Nolan highlights East Side Project Space, co-curated by Gallery Luperca and Red Arrow Gallery

What’s in a Name? Exhibit explores identity, prejudice

September 11, 2016

Donna Woodley's "What's In A Name" is a critic's pick in The Tennesseean

Donna Woodley Talks Race, Naming, and Portraiture

Erica Ciccarone talks with Donna Woodley about "What's In A Name?" and her other series exploring race and names. 

“Trumped Up” Curator Strikes Back

In response to Burnaway's review of our Trumped Up exhibition, curator Robert Scobey e-mailed the author, Erica Ciccarone, taking her to task on a number of points.  She thought his comments were insightful and well-stated, and suggested he publish it as a Letter to the Editor.

Local sculptor's work chosen for national competition

The Barnstable Patriot features Neil Grant's work in our Trumped Up exhibition. 


East Nashvillian Magazine features Gallery Luperca's Katie Wolf and Sara Lederach in their artist spotlight. 


May 04, 2019

Gallery Luperca in Nashville, TN is seeking submissions for TRUMPED UP: Art About The Donald. We’ve all witnessed the spectacle that is the 2016 presidential primary race. It’s been a befuddling circus of televised debates, twitter arguments, suspect polling data, and tiny hands that has left most Americans asking, “How did the Donald make it this far?”

Nashville Art Gallery Aims To Showcase The City — By Banning Images Of The Skyline

January 08, 2016

WPLN's Tony Gonzalez features Gallery Luperca's pursuit of art about Nashville that doesn't reference the skyline. 

Most of the Wedgewood-Houston gallery scene skipped the Art Crawl to stumble with the East Side this Saturday

January 07, 2016

Joe Nolan makes some Stumble suggestions, including our No Skyline Nashville show. 

Nashville visual arts roundup, Nov. 29

November 29, 2015

Sara Estes highlights the coming week of visual arts activities, with a shout-out to Michael Ray Nott's street photography workshop. 

Nashville Scene's Fall Guide 2015: Art

September 10, 2015

Art critic Joe Nolan picks Gallery Luperca's No Skyline Nashville show as a must-see this fall. 

East Side Art Stumble Celebrates 6 Months

September 06, 2015

Sara Estes of The Tennessean highlights the upcoming September Art Stumble and Gallery Luperca's hand in its creation. 

Jon Buko in Nashville Arts Magazine's September Crawl Guide

September 02, 2015

Nashville Arts Magazine endorses Jon Buko's "An Exercise In Patience" in their Septmber Crawl Guide. 

Joe Nolan's Critic's Pick in Nashville Scene

August 07, 2015

Joe Nolan offers up the skinny on September's East Side Art Stumble and Time Spent in Los Angeles at KT Wolf Gallery.  

Nashville Lifestyles Features East Side Art Stumble and KT Wolf Gallery

August 04, 2015

Nashvill Lifestyles highlights the East Side Art Stumble and our gallery. 

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